Our Team

The All Souls St Gabriels All Star Staff consisted of a combination of staff and students.
Madison Maluga and Jimmy Flanegan – The Student Leaders
– For more information, please see the first blog post regarding their information and reasons for involvement
Lionel Hartig – Rural Activities Co-ordinator and Cattle Club Leader
Lionel lent the bridal and lead for the artwork
Mr Lewis
– A Manual Arts teacher who constructed the wings
Mr Hayes
– He fashioned a propeller without the assistance of a lathe
Mr Sokolowski
– He was responsible for uploading all our blog content and assisted with all things technical
Headmaster, Mr Royall
– conducted the proofreading of all blog content
Ms Leicht- Science and Agriculture teacher
– she integrated the Archibull into her Ag and Health lessons.  As the Art teacher the Archibull Prize has had a positive influence on school life this term and has presented not only an opportunity for cross-curricular learning and teaching but a forum for conversations about art!
And last but not least…
Mrs. Moore – Visual and Creative Arts teacher
– Along with Ms Leicht, Mrs. Moore coordinated much of the work and organisation of the Archibull competition throughout the previous months.

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